Samuelsen wants to be the leading provider of professional, political networks in Brussels. Samuelsen consists of different independent networks, each with a professional approach.

Sign up for one of the networks if you would like to acquire knowledge, expand your professional network, participate actively and make your mark on the debate within a foreseeable setting - timewise as well as economically.

We assure flexible administration, professional organization and successful meetings - every time! All of the networks have six half-day meetings anually in the centre of the European Quarter of Brussels. All meetings are led by a moderator with great competences in his/her field. Furthermore, the network meetings have an external guest speaker who will contribute with insights and knowledge to inspire an informed debate.

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• Network on EU Single Market: Mr José Manuel Barroso
• Network on EU Trade Policy: Mr Pascal Lamy 
• Network on EU Climate and Energy Policies: Mr Andris Piebalgs
• Network on EU Environment Policies: Mr Janez Potočnik
• Network on EU Competition: Sir Philip Lowe (starting winter 2017)


>> Wednesday 16 November 2016, 09.15 -12.00
How Can Trade Defence Better Support EU Industry?
Mrs Sabine Weyand, Deputy Director General, DG Trade
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>> Wednesday 16 November 2016, 09.15 -12.00
Brexit: What does the future hold for Britain and the EU?
Mr Gavin Hewitt, Chief Correspondent and former Europe Editor at BBC
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>> Thursday 8 December 2016, 09.15 -12.00
TTIP Status: Is a deal in sight?
Mr Ignacio Garcia Bercero, EU Chief Negotiator on TTIP, DG Trade
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